• What Is Medical Billing and Coding?

    It is the field in which the billing professional submits a patient's claims to health insurance companies. Once processed, this allows a health care provider to receive payment for services rendered. The same happens for insurance companies, including both private and government-sponsored programs.

    There are literally thousands of codes that must be entered - each for multiple symptoms, medications and diagnoses. For this reason, it is necessary for these professionals to receive training and preparation they need to be successful on the job.

  • Medical Coding Certification

    In order to become certified, you must pass the exam given by an accepted professional billing and coding association. Organizations like the AAPC or AHIMA can administer the certification exams for you. Certifications may require an associate degree or formal training at an accredited institution.

    Once certified, you can remain so by taking courses, sometimes called continuing education units (CEUs). Professional organizations encourage billers and coders to become certified, but the law does not require it. A biller or coder can take such certification exams as the CMRS, RHIA and others. Certification schools can provide theoretical knowledge for students entering this field.

  • Medical Billing Training

    To start working in this industry, you need to receive proper coding training from an accredited school. Most training programs will provide you the education you need to work as a professional billing clerk or specialist. Students should complete coursework that includes coding principles, medical terminology, HIPAA privacy laws and regulatory management. These professionals must be able to interpret insurance plans and calculate precise payments.

    Most schools offer training in the following areas:
    • Health Insurance Claim Forms
    • Health Care Documentation
    • Billing Management
    • Electronic Data Interchange and Modifiers
    • Government Programs
    • Health Insurance and Managed Care
  • Why Choose Medical Billing and Coding?

    Some professionals choose this field for its organized, detail-oriented work. But for many, it is a challenging and rewarding field that does not necessarily require direct contact with patients, and since most training programs can be completed in less than a year, you can begin building your life through your new rewarding career.

    Medicalbillingcareer.org offers the information you need to:
    • Learn more about what medical billers and coders do.
    • Develop the skills needed to become a medical billing and coding specialist.
    • Make an informed decision in choosing the right medical billing and coding school.
    • Learn more about various medical billing careers and industry demand.
  • Medical Billing Schools

    There are many accredited vocational or career schools offering this training for a diploma or a degree. Many schools offer diploma programs that can be completed in nine to 12 months so you can start your career sooner. Many schools even offer day and evening classes, which means you can work full time while getting the education you need in the evening. Check out the articles on billing schools to get tips on finding the right school near you.

  • Medical Billing Programs

    Career training programs provide students with the skills they'll need on a daily basis. Students in these programs study diagnostic and procedural terminology as it relates to the accurate completion of insurance claims. Most programs incorporate hands-on education so that students can prepare insurance claim forms and basic coding procedures. Learn more about accredited programs in the United States.

  • Medical Billing Careers

    Graduates can work as a billing specialist, clerk or coding specialist. A medical biller can pursue a career working as a consultant. After gaining enough professional experience, they can consider starting a company to service health care facilities. Learn more about the various billing career opportunities available from an accredited school.

  • Medical Billing and Coding FAQs

    What is medical billing and coding? What training do you need to work in this field? What are some other jobs billers and coders can do? How much do clerks earn? Find the answers to these frequently asked questions from students and many more about the industry, the work, earnings and much more.